Blog Beginnings

Hi, I'm Grace! Thanks for visiting my blog!

I started this blog to help myself deal with my obsession with food! I think about food a LOT. Part of my obsession with food can be blamed on my beloved Popo, who taught me how to cook and that Food is Love.

No, this is not what my kitchen looks like.
This is My Dream Kitchen
When I became ill with a rare autoimmune illness Henoch Schonlein Purpura, I developed a lot of food intolerances and had to restrict my diet to foods my body would accept. I experimented in the kitchen, learning how to make healthy foods that were also tasty and satisfying. Eventually, eating the right foods and avoiding the wrong foods for me, helped me manage my illness without needing medication. (Read my Gastronomic Misadventures HERE) You'll find some recipes for my staple meals here, and the quality organic ingredients that I use.

I don't have a whole lot of food credentials - does 'certified Food Protection Safety Manager' count for anything? :) I worked my own food vending business for a few years. I sold thousands of servings of Chinese Fried Rice and hundreds of thousands of hand-wrapped crispy pork wontons to hungry people at farmers markets, fairs and festivals. I love feeding people good food! I'll be blogging about becoming a food vendor and my experience too.

This is a new blog, and I plan to keep it active with posts every week. Do follow me!

xo Gracie

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