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I make really good wontons, egg rolls, fried rice, Chinese peanut cookies and Satay. 

Below is the price list. Delivery available around Natrona Heights.

Allergies? I take special orders to cater for individual dietary exclusions. Do drop me an email to let me know what you need. Email:graceswok@gmail.com


All-natural wontons hand-wrapped with pork mixed with diced water chestnut & carrot. The wontons are then deep-fried in pure vegetable oil to a golden crisp goodness. Served  with homemade sweet ‘n sour dipping sauce. 
1 dozen wontons: $10

Egg Rolls
All-natural egg rolls filled with cabbage and carrot, plus chicken or shrimp. Deep-fried till golden brown in pure vegetable oil.
1 doz vegetarian egg rolls: $15
1 doz egg rolls w chicken: $18
1 doz egg rolls w shrimp: $21

Shrimp & Pork Potstickers
All-natural potstickers (fried dumplings) filled with pork and shrimp.
1 doz potstickers: $10

Fried Rice
All-natural Chinese-style fried rice with pork, chicken, peas and carrots. A wholesome anytime meal. Order extra - leftovers freeze well!
15 cups (7 meal portions): $20

Chicken Satay
All-natural chicken satay marinated with fresh lemongrass and spices. Served with home-made peanut sauce. Grill yourself option available also.

1 dozen skewers (2 oz each): $20

Chinese Peanut Cookies
All-natural peanut cookies made using my family recipe. A gourmet hand-crafted dessert - you won't be able to stop at one! A great gift.

A pack of 22 cookies: $7

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